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Fall TV Update

Two months ago I listed what I planned to watch on TV this fall. I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep up with everything, and true, some shows had to go. An update.


Walking Dead is, ahem, killing it this season. Cheesy dialogue still remains, but the Governor and Woodbury are quite intriguing additions.

New Girl: Keeps getting funnier. And while the sexual tension, will-they-or-won’t-they storyline is so predictable in comedies, I do enjoy the fondness and roommate love Nick and Jess have for each other. I love that Jess can bring Nick’s old-man grumpiness down a peg. And Schmidt steals the show.

Parenthood: Obviously. It’s a joke how much this show makes me cry. But I love it. Ray Romano is excellent (even if it’s looking bad for Mark, who I also love). Also cool to see another FNL alum on set.

The Office: I know! I was ready to give up on this show last year. But having Greg Daniels back in the writer’s seat has made an incredible difference. Some of the discomfort from early seasons is back, as are the classic pranks. I don’t love that they’re turning Andy into Michael – seems too easy - but I do enjoy the idea that this whole documentary is really about Jim and Pam and their journey.

Parks & Rec: Leslie and Ben make me so happy. The end.

Also still watching: The Voice, HIMYM, Bones, Raising Hope, The Middle, Modern Family, Big Bang, and Up All Night (though I wish they still worked on the Ava show and I’m not sure about the multi-camera change coming up; feels like they’re giving up?).


Go On: It’s not perfect, but I keep watching it for a few personal reasons. The content hits home, it’s feel-good, and, what can I say, I’m loyal to Matthew Perry.

Gave up:

The Mindy Project: This show is funny. It is. But Mindy got a little “too much” for me and I just couldn’t keep up with one more show.

Guys with Kids: We watched one episode, but can’t keep up. Though Tempestt Bledsoe brings back some Cosby memories! (Speaking of, The Cosby Show is on TV Land now and I try to catch an episode whenever I can. It’s my Friends of the 80s.)

Never started:

We just couldn’t bring ourselves to commit to the new hour-long dramas: Revolution, Last Resort or Elementary. And couldn’t make myself watch Animal Practice, either (doesn’t matter – but replacing it with Whitney? I don’t get NBC.)

What are you still watching? What did you give up on?



I need to start watching the Walking Dead. I hear it is all on Netflix. Maybe I will catch up.

I agree with you on The Office, Parks and Rec (loved, loved, LOVED last week's episode), New Girl, and Parenthood. But poor, poor Mark. Also, I would like to make it through one episode of that show without sobbing, but I don't think that is ever going to happen.

HIMYM: I am still watching out of loyalty, but I am not loving it. In fact, I am sort of actively disliking it at this point.

I am also still watching Castle, Fringe (which has been brilliant), The Mindy Project, Go On (also because of my loyalty to Matthew Perry), Modern Family, The Good Wife, 30 Rock, the Big Bang Theory, and, I'll admit it, Gossip Girl. But only because it is the last season! I have to find out who Gossip Girl is! But man, it is terrible.

I gave up on Up All Night and Elementary. I have all of the episodes of Revolution recorded, but since I haven't watched one yet I doubt I will.

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