Amanda Gates

Friday Faves: HIMYM, Mindy & More

What did I love this week?

HIMYM Season Finale: I loved the 20 mini stories Ted & Robin used to distract Lily during labor, the Lily's in Labor video, the Cloud Cult song that made me pause the show so I could download it instantly, and the ending. (Also I loved the Bones season finale!)

Trailer for The Mindy Project: Yes, this looks VERY Mindy and yes, they pretty much show you the entire season of storylines in this three minutes, but you know what? I'll take this show over what's become of The Office any day.

Girls Gone Child Mother's Day post: She writes, "Because I'm not supposed to admit I have moments of selfishness. I'm not supposed to feel envious when I love my life. I'm not supposed to feel overwhelmed when I'm handling this just fine, thankyouverymuch."

27 Ways to Be an (Even) Better Person: Tweeted out by my dear friend, I loved this post... particularly Nos. 1, 5, 12 (you know who you are), 19, 26 & 27.

Your turn. What did you love this week?



Maybe someday you can go back to one, just with a little more restraint for keeping it in the purse.

Or, just get off Facebook! ;)

Just a note from a re-habbed

Just a note from a re-habbed #12. I got rid of my smartphone for this reason. My therapist applauded not me for getting rid of the addiction, but my bffs for calling me out about it.

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