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Friday Faves: Movies, TV & Music

Here we are again! Some things I’ve loved this week.

50/50: Have you seen this movie? It’s (loosely) based on screenwriter Will Reiser’s experience with cancer at a young age. Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays the lead; Seth Rogen (Reiser’s friend in real life) plays the best buddy. For a cancer movie, this film is excellent. You see the stages of grief, the relationship struggles, the fear, the denial – all from a 20-something perspective. No feel-good anything. No schmaltz. Tons of humor. A fair share of sadness. All the actors were awesome. Anna Kendrick (who plays a therapist) continues to impress me in everything she does. We watched it on Vudu, but perhaps it’s available elsewhere too?

Mad Men: The season has been really good so far, but this last episode was the best yet. Juliette Binoche was a lovely and perfect surprise as Megan’s mom. I loved everything about her. Sometimes I get tired of seeing Don’s kids in the show, but Sally was in top form in this episode. (I think Megan does a very good job as a stepmom.) Roger continues to be one of my favorite characters. And Peggy’s fight with her mom was spot-on. She’s settling, and like her mom, I don’t like it.

Friends Oral History: When you’ve read every single piece written about your favorite show over nearly 20 years, it’s really hard to find anything you haven’t heard before. And that held true with this article. I’d heard these stories all before—Kauffman’s told the story about her rabbi asking about Ross & Rachel so many times—but I didn’t care. I love this show and I’ll read about it until they stop writing about it.

West Wing on Funny or Die: Great week for my old favorite shows! Loved this short West Wing reunion. Man, I miss C.J. and Charlie and the walking and the fast-paced dialogue and the way the President puts on his coat and the swelling music. It was a nice (if brief) return to my favorite White House.

Brandi Carlile’s That Wasn’t Me: I’m not one who’s up on the new music. But, I’ve loved Brandi Carlile since The Story started giving me chills 5 years ago. This is her new single off her upcoming album and I just love it. I love the cracks in her voice, the twang, the loud parts, the soft parts. She’s great.

What are you loving this week?


I loved the Friends oral

I loved the Friends oral history, and just watched the WW (and the behind-the-scenes). Makes me even more excited for Sorkin's new show, which I may never see because I have no cable. I didn't read any of your words on Mad Men as I've not seen it yet and MAN is it hard to avoid reading about it (or seeing pictures of a particular Gilmore Girl looking quite 60s-70s).

I loved "We Bought a Zoo." I

I loved "We Bought a Zoo." I don't think we watched much TV, maybe a few Mad Men episodes (which gets better every episode). That movie was a tear jerker for me. I really liked it.

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