Amanda Gates

Friday Faves: Things I've watched, Things I've read

Here's this week's picks:

Minnesota Vikings get a Stadium: My dad taught me all about football when I was in junior high. He also taught me what it means to love a team that never wins the big game. Even if they never win a Super Bowl, I'm really happy the Vikings are here to stay.

Against Chairs: This article had me in stitches. "Chairs suck. All of them. No designer has ever made a good chair, because it is impossible."

But it also left me less than thrilled that I spend a majority of my day in the seated position. "... long times spent seated are a contributing cause of heart disease, obesity, diabetes, depression, and practically innumerable orthopedic injuries. It does not matter if you are young, eat well and live an otherwise active life. Just being seated, in excess, will hurt you."

Maurice Sendak & Stephen Colbert: It was sad to hear about Sendak's death this week, but it was fun to revisit his interview on the Colbert Report. If you haven't watched it, it's so great. The New Yorker also unlocked a comic by Art Spiegelman (have you read Maus I & Maus II? You should) that the artist created after spending time with Sendak. It's awesome, though I'm guessing the magazine will put it back in the vault soon - so, apologies if the link doesn't work.

Felicity on Netflix: I watched Felicity from the day it first aired. But it's been 10 years (how is that possible?) and I'm having a blast watching this show again. I may be in the minority because I fall firmly on Team Noel, but also, it's been so many years, I don't remember how it ends. So, it's like a whole new show! (If you remember, don't spoil it for me.)

Mother's Day: I Miss My Mom: When grief and loss is experienced differently by everyone, sometimes it's hard to find things to read that are comforting. This essay hit home for me. She writes, "The Mother’s Days since have been tinged with bittersweet longing. While I’m crazy about my boys and appreciate however they want to celebrate the day, I miss having someone to honor."

And, "I miss her most are during the highs and lows of parenting—when one of my sons reaches a big milestone like walking or learning how to read, or at the end of a long day when I’ve lost my temper. It’s at those moments that I wish I could hear just how proud she would be, or be reminded that having a bad day doesn’t make you a mom failure. I miss her take on it all." Happy Mother's Day to all the moms, on earth and in heaven.

Your turn! What are you loving this week?


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