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Friday I'm in love: Alton Brown, Green Day & more

Food Network Star: My husband and I got hooked on this show last summer. It's just the right amount of reality ridiculouness and TV smarts. I like hearing from the network's marketing and production VIPs about what they're looking for in a star. It also makes you really appreciate the hard work it takes to film a segment of say, Diners, Drive-ins & Dives. This year they changed it up by having Bobby, Giada and Alton mentor teams instead of judging. And I really like this concept. While I liked Alton Brown before, I just love him now. He's so witty, a snappy dresser and oh so smart.

The other thing we learned in last week's episode was that both Alton and Giada were not the popular kids in school. Giada was an immigrant "who talked funny and brought weird food for lunch," while Alton was overweight. They were bullied. And look where they are now! The Geeks Shall Inherit the Earth indeed.

Green Day trailer: How many years has it been since 21 Guns? Three. So, it's exciting to get a taste of what's to come with the band's new trilogy of albums, Uno, Dos & Tre.

Goodbye CSI Miami: I had to giggle at this spoof of Candle in the Wind, which takes a moment to mourn the cancellation of CSI Miami. I think we could've seen a few more clips of Horatio and his sunglasses (was he a scientist? was he a cop? NYPD Blue in a lab coat?), but the lyrics are pretty hilarious. I can't believe that show was on for 10 years.

Smashing Pumpkins: And just for my husband, I'm going to mention the Pumpkins' latest, Oceania. It comes out Tuesday, but was streaming on iTunes earlier this week. It's been getting rave reviews, and it's definitely what my husband is loving this week. (He wouldn't call it "the best," but it's up there, he says.)

Your turn!


Food Network Star

I like this show, too! And I LOVE Alton. I still haven't watched Sunday's episode, but I have it recorded. I am super excited for new Green Day, too.

This week I read the latest in the series that True Blood is based on. It is pretty awful, but I still couldn't put the book down. Definitely great trashy summer reading.


The more I listen to the album, the higher it is on my list. It's a very solid piece of music, and fts in nicely with the Pumpkins' legacy material.

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