Amanda Gates

Friday I'm in love: Games, videos, beer & magazines

7 Little Words: This is one of my favorite games on my phone. It's the perfect bus game, especially when I'm not inspired to read. I'm getting fairly good at it, surprising myself when I can get through three or four levels on my 15-minute commute home. (And I never cheat, I swear.)

Summit Pilsener: My husband loves Summit. Actually "love" isn't a strong enough word. However, he gets EPA or the new Saga and those are just too strong for me. I'd accepted the fact that I wouldn't be able to share this love with him. Until he brought home the Pilsener. It's my new favorite beer. Sorry Stella.

Live Lip-Dub Proposal: It's been out there for about a week, so you've probably already seen it. But, go ahead and watch it again. What planning. What commitment. What fun. I love this kind of stuff -- renews my faith in humanity and love for one another. ::sniff::

If Magazine Covers Told the Truth: It's racy, but I loved this post beacause 1) its fake headlines depict all the reasons I hate women's magazines, and 2) cover-design stuff like "Hey look, A Circle" and business stuff like "285 pages of ads" hits just close enough to home it's pretty darn hilarious.

Your turn!



Just looked at the mag covers website on a public computer at Jury Duty! Love it.

My love: ~85% dark chocolate with raisins, maybe borderline obsessed. I was eating this before bed for a while and wound up not sleeping so great, so had to move the timing to after lunch. Much better.

I'll be watching the proposal at home :)


I want to try the the Pilsener. I also do not enjoy EPA, but love Pilseners. I'll have to try it next time I am in town, as we are sadly devoid of Summit down here.

I am finally on the bandwagon - and have been playing Words with Friends incessently this week. My friend Chelsea beats me everytime, but it is still fun.

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