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Friday I'm in Love: T-shirts, trailers & more

Redhead Ranting's Inked post: I love how she correlated being physically tattooed with the emotional (or hidden) ink that we carry with us. She writes, "Screw the people who don’t like your ink – that’s their ink talking. Learn to wear yours, as it’s the reason you can stand in front of the people you love…and have them love you back."

Always Take Backup T-shirt: I remember when I first started streaming Veronica Mars a couple years ago. In the very first episode, her awesome dad said to her, "Remember to take backup." I had no idea what he meant until when she needed him, her awesome dog provided protection. Jennie mentioned this shirt over on Style Lush. LOVE IT. (I'd wear the East Dillon shirt, too.)

Michonne: EW gives us a first peek at Michonne on The Walking Dead. This is the only reason I want it to be October already, if it didn't mean summer would be over.

Skyfall trailer: Casino Royale kicked butt, Quantum of Solace was good if not a bit confusing... So, it's very exciting to catch a first glimpse at the next 007 movie. This is M's last one and I'm curious about her fate. And Daniel Craig is just the best Bond.

Liz Phair's new video for And He Slayed Her: She's hot. She can sing. The end.


Thank you

Seeing a James Bond trailer and Liz Phair video made my crappy day at work all better. Now I can sleep soundly.

You saw a Liz Phair video

You saw a Liz Phair video before me!!! Tables have turned! I love this song— it's even better live. I'm hoping the delayed release of the video means the death of this phase of her career and her long-awaited album will finally come out—and that it will sound like pure Liz. This week I'm loving my flower garden and the sweet anticipation of meeting my nephew!


You need your own Friday posts! :)

Oh, Backup!!! Anything

Oh, Backup!!! Anything Veronica Mars is a winner.

I have to share what I'm loving this week. Sent by our friend, RR. It's a ustream of a Shiba Inu and her newborn pups. Apparently in the coming weeks they will make the whelping box bigger and the pups get crazy active. They are still pretty adorable (and addictive) right now. Makes me think being a mama pup giving birth is much easier than a human. That mama SLEEPs. Through feedings, through playtime, through most everything. Must be nice.

The embroidery nerd in me also loves this embroidery of Kanye West's tweets: I'm always looking for projects, and learning that sleeping on fur pillows is hard seems a valuable lesson to me!

Finally: The Slate Cultural Gabfest recommended re-visiting Solomon Burke and I'm SO glad they did. I also love the Slate podcasts: Gabfest, Culturefest, and Hang Up and Listen (sports! I know! But they are fascinating)

Wow, that's a lot.

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