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Top 4 FRIENDS episodes

10 years ago today, my life changed. My favorite show of all time - all time! - ended. No more new FRIENDS. Fortunately, the show's in syndication until 2088 or something (plus I own all the seasons), so I can rewatch it any time I want. So, in honor of this anniversary (also, how fast did 10 years go?!)....

I’ve been meaning to write this forever, but when you love a show so much and you try to pick just a few of some 200 episodes… well, it’s like picking favorite children (OK, not really). Each one has at least a nugget or two that means something to me. I can watch nearly any episode for the 20th time and love it just as much as the first time. Maybe more.

(Important to note, I consider the Thanksgiving episodes their own category. I love many of those equally, so I didn’t list them here.)

On with the list. The best episodes, in my mind, are the ones when all the Friends are in one room together… or are all involved in the same storyline. Another reason why T-Day episodes are standouts.

The One Where No One’s Ready: I can recite this episode word for word. It’s a classic. The Joey/Chandler fight, the Monica freak out, anal Ross, Phoebe’s political statement, Rachel “catching up on her correspondence.” I can’t even pick a favorite part because I love it all so much.

Best Line: There are too many. “The cushions are the essence of the chair!” “I’m Chandler. Could I BE wearing any more clothes?” “Monica, I think you’ve gone over to the BAD PLACE.” “Donald Duck never wore pants…” “I’m breezy!” “You can’t say you’re breezy! That totally negates the breezy!” (The fact that Joey knows how to properly use the word ‘negates’ is questionable, yet enjoyable.)

The One With the Embryos: This is a CLOSE second. The quiz game is unreal in its hilarity. I love how well they know each other – it’s really a special quality to find in friends. I also love Phoebe’s sweet side story line, with her petri dish pep talk and funny lines, “OK, where am I giving birth, in a hospital or a big box under the stairs?”

Best Line: Too many! But probably, “His legs flail about as if independent from his body!”

The One Where Everyone Finds Out: I still remember watching this episode live and laughing so hysterically in our basement my mom came down to see what the heck was going on. The opening when Phoebe sees through the window (“My eyes! MY EYES!”) is probably the best part. But I also love the cat and mouse game they play to get Chandler to crack.

Best Line: “What about my pinchable butt and my bulging biceps? SHE KNOWS!”

The One with the Prom Video: Some of the flashback episodes are hit or miss; they can get a little carried away. But this was our first peek at the past and it was really sweet. I love that it’s the other Friends’ first peek at the past, too, and the fact the Ross uncomfortably knows what’s coming and Rachel doesn’t. And the end is the best.

Best Line: Insert anything about lobsters here.


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